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So, here are the match details. Sign up will continue to be linked through the North Mountain website that links you to

Just use the menu bar to get to the registration site. Our matches will be held on the third Sunday weekend of the month. Sign up will open on the Monday prior to the match. Set up will occur on Saturdays, and those that sign up for set up will receive a free slot in the match. If folks don’t sign up for set up, there will be no match.

So, set up happens on Saturday , with the set up crew and a few paid slots shooting at 1PM on Saturday afternoon. Sunday AM and Sunday PM . Sunday PM squads help break down.

Lastly, our website now has an events calendar that has links to most of the local shoots in our area as well as some of our classes. Check it out if you want to go one place to find information on the local matches.

Best Regards,

Marc Scroggins and David Binkley


3 thoughts on “Match Info”

  1. Tak we are wondering the same thing. This is the first time using this and think that it will open up in the morning. As soon as I know I will let you know.

  2. Thanks for the reply. It was a great match this month, look forward to the up coming matches.
    As to the sign up, since you all are doing such a good job in setting up the matches, slots will fill up fast. If sign up opens in the morning, some folks may be at work (in meetings, etc…..) or may be on travel by air and will not have access to internet connection at the time when sign up opens. Please consider. Thanks again.
    R/Tak :–)

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