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Class Announcement July 19th and 20th

Hey all,
So, we’ve had a lot of people ask if we would do an introduction to competitive shooting for juniors and new shooters. To this point we have not, but we are open to the idea. We have a few that have said they are legitimately interested, so, I want to see if there are enough folks out there to round out a full class to make this thing a go. Now, everyone over the past few months who has said to me “I have a friend who wants to come shoot but they are nervous……” or “My buddy wants to but says he doesn’t know anything about it……”, this is the chance to get them going. Also, if you are new to the sport and have already shot a match or two but still feel a little lost with all the rules and how matches run, this is for you too. Here is the plan………..
If this happens, it will be in conjunction with the July USPSA match at North Mountain. Obviously, this will be a class introducing shooters to USPSA, that’s what we do, but it could benefit new shooters to any competitive shooting sport to varying degrees. The class portion of the training would be after the Saturday PM squads on July 19th from about 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. (Approx 4hrs). Topics covered during the discussion portion would include the rules, divisions, classification, gear, match structure and more.
We would also do a little live fire, very basic fundamentals. We will accomplish several objectives with the live fire………
This will give us an opportunity to go over your equipment, figure out what division you will shoot in the match and make any corrections to it needed so that you meet division requirements.
While not a shooting school, we will give you little tips and suggestions on your basics to help improve your shooting performance if needed.
It will give us an opportunity to evaluate your handling skills and gun safety before you step to the line at the match.
It will help get you used to the range commands, to having an Range Officer near you when you shoot and shooting in front of other people.
Lastly, it will be fun!
The next day, Sunday, July 20th, students would return and shoot together in one of the PM squads that afternoon with the instructors as the Range Officer’s.
Instructors for the class would be Dave and I. If we get more than ten or so in the class, we will bring more guys we trust on board to keep the student to instructor ratio nice and low.
The cost for all this goodness will be $75, and that includes the match fee for Sunday. We will provide water, shade and hilarity, you bring your gear, ammo and questions.
So, again, this is not in stone, but it will be if enough people commit to coming. Pass the word and have folks get in touch with me directly to say they want in or to answer any questions. If this does become a go, I will contact those that contact me with the when and where of how to reserve their slots.
Again, this is an intro class, not an advanced shooters class, we may do that later. Thanks folks, see you all soon.

Best Regards,
Marc Scroggins

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